Frequently Asked Questions

You have to enclose your financial position in front of us, so that we get an in depth understanding of your situation much better. This includes one-off bills such a medical expenses, veterinary, gap payments, car repair and normal payments such as grocery, electricity, school fees, rent etc.

No. We don’t offer or sell any financial product advice; as we are not financial advisers, we only offer guidance in relation to your budget and repayment plan.

Since the time we have started operating My Spending Plan, we have handled over more than a billion dollar and millions of transactions. Your money is secured with the same kind of security system that is used and practised by other banking and finances institutions.
We ensure your money is secured by providing you online access to your My Spending Plan account 24*7 hours, so that you can track your finances.

Our fees depend on the number of creditor and payments which are included in your personal budgeting plan. We have designed our fees to be affordable for our clients as we don’t want to add to your financial stress!

After teaming up with My Spending Plan you doesn’t lose control of your money instead you gain control of it. Your money will always remain yours. If in any case there is an emergency or unexpected expense arises, all you need to do is contact My Spending Plan. We will incorporate a new expense into your budget plan.

It’s a very common situation with almost everyone. We will talk to your creditors and try to negotiate with them to obtain the lowest payment option that fits within your personal budget.
We also offer advice on how you can minimize your expenses to reflect your income.